Friday, May 3, 2013

Snorkelling !!!!!

Snorkelling at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park can be really good, that is, if you know the best Snorkelling spots!

Or you might as well settled for the nice and easy Snorkelling nearby the beaches.

However, to get some really good Snorkelling, you might as well part with a bit of your money and join an organized and professional Snorkelling trip which is a really good and satisfying experience.

Daily departures : 8am - 4pm
Snorkelling site : off Gaya Island
Snorkelling briefing and led by a professional diver.
3 Snorkelling spots with 30-4mins per session
Lunch provided

Contact me if you're interested in joining. 😆👍

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To lots of Dusun, this is a real treat. It can be eaten raw(meaning alive) or fried!
This worm feeds on sago palm and it's hard to get these in markets nowadays. The best place to buy these is at the Donggongon Tamu on Thursday and Fridays.

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TIGER ORCHID (grammatophyllum speciosum)

The Tiger orchid (grammatophyllum speciosum) blooming at Poring Hot Spring a week ago.  This largest orchid plant in the world can grow upto 3 metres and weigh few hundred kgs!

It only blooms every 3-5 years apparently, so, look out for it when you visit Poring Hot Spring, Kinabalu Park for the next 2 weeks or so.  The flowers stay in bloom for about a month.

Captivating View From Manukan Island

                Panorama View from Manukan Island

Was here couple of days ago with my guests and it never failed to amaze me how beautiful it is and how blessed we are to live here in Sabah!

Manukan is of the 5 islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and it is only 15 minutes boat ride from Kota Kinabalu. The other 4 islands are Gaya, Sapi, Mamutik and Sulug. Locals called it coral islands as they are surrounded by corals. All the islands are opened for visits except Sulug island.

Apart from Snorkelling, you can just soak in the sun on the beach or join the numerous attractive water sports available such as parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, kong boat, flyfish, sea walking and scuba doo.

To get there is easy : Go to one of following jetty/marina :
Jesselton Point
Sutera Harbor

My advice is never ever get into a boat not at the above jetties! You might find yourself abandoned at a remote area on of the islands!

Ciao and have a great time on the islands!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rasa Ria Nature Reserve and Orang Utan Rehabilitation program

           Katie, a six year old Orang Utan at Rasa Ria Nature Reserve

The 64 acres nature reserve was established with the aim of educating and promoting conservation.
The Rasa Ria Nature Reserve was established by Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort in collaboration with the State Wildlife Department of Sabah.

This protected ecological space aims to facilitate rehabilitation programmes for endangered species of animals as well as those endemic in Sabah. The Rasa Ria Nature Reserve provides a home until they ready to be rehabilitated into their natural habitat.

The main focal point is the young orphaned orang utans and providing a platform to educate on conservation. They had various programs at the nature reserve including nocturnal activities.
When I brought my guests for a visit on 26 April 2013, there were 4 orang utans under the stage 1 rehabilitation program.

Feeding time : 10am and 2pm
(Need to be there at least 40 minutes in advance for registration, a short video show, briefing before heading for the 10 minutes hike up to the feeding platform.)
Conservation fees : MYR65
Booking : 3 days in advance
Journey to Rasa Ria :45min -1 hr
Contact : 6088 792888
Website :

OR contact me if you want a personalized tour with me as your guide with transport!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Local Food / Cuisine

Shop : Frankinsense @ 88 Square.
Picture above : Assam Pedas fish, bakis belacan, salted veg taufu soup.
Shop also serves Kadazan specialities like hinava, lihing chicken.
Price : Very reasonable

Shop : Taipan Bakkuteh, Kg. Air, opposite Sedco Complex
A traditional Chinese cuisine in Malaysia with pork cooked in herbal soup.
It's sort of either you like or dislike the taste but for most Malaysian Chinese, it's ummmmmm delicious! :)

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Yummy! Yummy! Just Yummy!
For those of you durian lovers, when you drop by Sabah for a visit, do try out the durian ice cream, durian puff, durian pancake, freeze dried crispy durian and of course durian cake.

It's all Durians! Durians! Durians!

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